i was betrayed by everyone and everything witch is well Lusphur is real and the laws protect Lusphur and Lusphur already was punished for everything suffered and had done nothing wrong

2022.01.17 16:38 LusipherStarLine778 i was betrayed by everyone and everything witch is well Lusphur is real and the laws protect Lusphur and Lusphur already was punished for everything suffered and had done nothing wrong

i was betrayed by everyone and everything witch is well Lusphur is real and the laws protect Lusphur and Lusphur already was punished for everything suffered and had done nothing wrong submitted by LusipherStarLine778 to LusphurLitestar [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:38 sackings22 [Scotto] Sources: The Indiana Pacers are seeking two first-round picks or a promising young player and a first-round pick in exchange for Myles Turner, the NBA’s leading shot blocker. More on @hoopshype.

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2022.01.17 16:38 Enceladoose Anglerfish MOC

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2022.01.17 16:38 Verypoorman LVO deadline for list submissions is today, but their phones are off and not responding to emails.

So I’ve transferred a ticket to my SO last Thursday. We have completed registration and selected T-shirt sizes, so we thought we should be good. I figured it might take a day or two to show up on the BCP app, but todays the list submission deadline and we cannot submit our list because we still aren’t listed on the roster. This is to the 40k Champs event.
I’ve emailed and called, but the phones go straight to voicemail. Not sure what to do other than submit the list via email.
Anyone else having similar issues? Or know how to get ahold of FLG?
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2022.01.17 16:38 Bahammed Can someone tell me what to do here next in order to progress through the main story? I’m so confused.

Can someone tell me what to do here next in order to progress through the main story? I’m so confused. submitted by Bahammed to Okami [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:38 chitoryu12 A Fitz Special in .32-20

A Fitz Special in .32-20 submitted by chitoryu12 to ForgottenWeapons [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:38 CRK81 This Coin from Gibraltar with a Very Familiar Design

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2022.01.17 16:38 beanie554 I Keep getting tunneled and dying first, I dont know what im doing wrong.

I've played dbd for a while now, I already have around 100 hours in the game but I cant seem to get any rank past bronze ranks on anybody, as killer my highest rank was like 15 because usually all of the generators pop before my third hook. As survivor I tend to get tunneled and die first, most of the time Im the only kill throughout the whole match and I die without a single other person ever being put on a hook, I've watched videos on how to play both sides better, but I can just not help being god awful at this game since right now im around bronze 4 on both sides.
I must be doing something wrong if I get screwed over so hard every match I play but I can't figure out what that is. Any help would be appreciated. I play Pyramid head on killer with Noed 3, Deathbound 3, Sloppy Butcher 3, and Bitter Murmur 3 and I can hit my spikes fine most of the time. On survivor i play david kind with dead hard 2, prove thyself 2, Bond 3, and We'll make it 3. I really want to get good at this game since I think its pretty fun, but I just cant see that simply happening from practice.
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2022.01.17 16:38 TheOriginalWootang Bought a airbrush. No more solid colors!

Bought a airbrush. No more solid colors! submitted by TheOriginalWootang to rccars [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:38 emrald_011 My new PB on Wave Lair now 3rd place! What's your best times?

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2022.01.17 16:38 Fearless-Eggplant481 Sick over my flight . Need help!!!

6:30 PM we leave FLL and land in DC (IAD ) at 9:30 ish.
Terrified- seems windy here in FLL but clear sky’s - rough take off?
This east coast storm has passed by DC area under wind advisory with winds gusts up to 50mph!!!! How will this impact landing?
Does all this wind on east coast (seems to be a west to east wind so not helpful for me doing north) impact turbulence at cruise level?
Anyone who can find some information on weather and turbulence for this flight please help.
I’m literally shaking and have 2 small kids to get on board with me and care for. I cannot panic with them.
Please please help me! I’m just sick about this flight.
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2022.01.17 16:38 KnightOfCydonia93 Secluded Empire Community - 4 United Guilds up to 328M GP, 31/33 DS + 22/36 LS, 20 KAM, CRANCOR

The Secluded Empire Community!
Hello everyone and welcome!
Our Recruitment Server: https://discord.gg/8538jCQcUp
We are currently looking to fill a few spaces in all of our guilds, requirements, and details for each guild will be listed below but one factor remains true to all four. We are a friendly, dedicated team making strong personal progress in each guild. All guilds have similar requirements in terms of tickets and participation. Unlike traditional alliances, we have no feeder system, members are left to make a personal choice if they ever want to progress to another guild here, we do not force or even encourage it until the person reaches out to me. We believe this to be the best way to make sure all guilds here have their own personal progress. We do however run a temp system where we temp a member from another guild to fill a short-term space in a higher GP guild when needed until a full-time recruit is found. This allows us to keep our guilds at full capacity at all times, so you never have to worry about having an empty space that's losing out on tickets, because we have it covered haha. We have a lot of experienced players amongst the guilds who are always offering advice and guidance to anyone who needs it about modding, team comps, or anything else that's needed. We currently have a very low leave record, generally, the only spaces we fill are people who are completely retiring from the game. So please take a look below we have guilds catered to all GP levels and hope to hear from you soon, please hop into our recruitment server for more information or to apply to join, you may also message one of us on discord or pm me here on the forums if that's what you would prefer!
Secluded Empire - 328m GP Spaces Open: 2
About Us:
Guild Reset: 01:00 UTC (20:00 EST) Ticket Reset: 19:30 UTC (14:30 EST) Rancor Sim: 22:00 UTC (16:00 EST) HAAT Start Time: 22:00 UTC (17:00 EST) HSITH: 22:00 UTC (16:00 EST) CRancor: 19:00 UTC DS Geo TB: 31/33 LS Geo TB: 22/36 Wat Tambor: 40+ Shards KAM: 20 Shards (Rng dependant) Tickets: 29.8-30k a day TW: Mandatory Signup and Partcipation
5.5m+ GP (Exceptions could be made for the right roster) 600/600 Tickets 100% Participation in TB and TW A strong and diverse roster Must have 2-3+ Relic LS Geo Teams Must have KAM Ready Relic Clones Must have a GL
(SE) Deathwatch - 253m GP Spaces Open: 1-2
About Us:
Rancor: 8pm GMT HAAT: 9pm GMT HSITH: 9pm GMT DS Geo TB 24/33 LS Geo TB 12/36 Wat Tambor: 24 Shards Tickets:28-30k
3m+ GP (Exceptions will be made for the right rosters) 600/600 Tickets Full effort in TB and TW 2 G12+ Geo TB Team
(SE) Galactic Shores - 210m GP Spaces Open: 5
About Us:
Rancor: 20:00 UTC (Simmed) HAAT: 22:00 UTC (Simmed) HSITH: 18:00 UTC DS Geo: 24/33 Stars LS Hoth: 9/45 Stars Wat Tambor Shards: 4
2m+ GP 600/600 Tickets 100% Participation in TB and TW Decent roster with the basics to building some great teams.
(SE) Training Academy - 150m GP Spaces Open: 3
About Us:
HPIT 10pm UTC HAAT 12am UTC HSITH 9pm UTC DS Hoth: 36/48 Stars LS Hoth: 34/45 Stars
Must log in at least once every 3 days
We look forward to hearing from you all! we are looking forward to being the home of many more swgoh players and are looking forward to helping you all out as much as possible!
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2022.01.17 16:38 aa4b Upgrades for a Streamliner G2420T?

I picked up a Streamliner G2420T at a local Guitar Center, it was on sale for $350. I think it is an Indonesian build, but overall the guitar feels really good and I think with a few upgrades it could play like a much more expensive guitar. What are some upgrades I can do? I was thinking of upgrading the tuners and the pickups, but open to hear other opinions as well (including whether it is even worth upgrading). Thanks!
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2022.01.17 16:38 Oil7496 input and output

Hi there,
So I have this code:
int c;
c = getchar();
the "c" variable is an integer, but when I type a character, for example "t", it returns the character. How is this working?What Am I missing?
Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.17 16:38 GR33NJUIC3 Best domination civs to get ahead in science ASAP in Deity

Definitely Australia, Indonesia, Norway. Who else?
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2022.01.17 16:38 GBR2019 Как проталкивают эксперименты в массы

6 января в The New England Journal of Medicine был опубликован отчет о проведении КИ на 2268 детях 5-11 лет (1518 из них были в экспериментальной группе, 750 - в контрольной).
Эти КИ отличает ряд особенностей:
1️⃣ Хотя разработчики все еще оперируют такими терминами как “эффективность предотвращения заболевания” (эффективность предотвращения госпитализаций и смерти оценить не удалось, т.к. ни в одной из групп не было зафиксировано подобных случаев). Ничего, - решили в Pfizer и вывели на первое место в качестве критерия "иммуногенность" - количество антител. Для оценки эффективности Pfizer использует метод “иммунного моста” (immunobridging), при котором рассчитывается отношение среднего геометрического титров антител детей 5-11 лет, получивших 10 мкг вакцины, и молодых людей 16-25 лет, получивших 30 мкг вакцины. В случае, если оно равно или превышает 0,8, вакцина объявляют эффективной (у Pfizer этот показатель равен 1,04).
2️⃣ В анализе антител участвовали внезапно пробы не всех добровольцев, а только 485 (322 в группе вакцины и 163 в группе плацебо). Причины, почему грошевый анализ решили делать не всем – не сообщается. При этом, хотя отмечается, что отбор участников 16-25 лет был случайным, о детях 5-11 лет такие сведения отсутствуют. Так, исследование на 2 с гаком тысячи участников легким движение руки превращается в исследование на 500, составленное по непонятной и непрозрачной выборке.
3️⃣ При оценке безопасности 3 группам из 16 детей давали вакцину в дозировке 10, 20 и 30 мкг соответственно: сначала 4 участникам из каждой группы, затем оставшимся 12. После 2 дозы у всех 4 первых участников из группы, получавшей 30 мкг, в течение недели держалась высокая температура, после чего было принято решение ввести остальным 12 участникам в качестве второй дозы 10 мкг вместо 30 и увеличить интервал до 1 месяца.
4️⃣ Помимо распространенных побочных эффектов (боль в месте укола, температура и т.д.), отслеживались только миокардит, перикардит, гиперчувствительность и анафилактический шок, в то время как другие известные эффекты, например, паралич Белла, синдром Гийена-Барре, тромбоцитопения и т.д., даже не учитывались.
5️⃣Сразу после одобрения вакцины в октябре 2021 г. всем участникам группы плацебо была введена вакцина, что делает невозможным даже короткосрочные исследования безопасности.
Хотя подача заявок на одобрение вакцины для детей от 6 месяцев до 4 лет планировалась на осень, результаты КИ оказались далекими от ожиданий разработчиков. В середине декабря 2021 г. Pfizer опубликовал пресс-релиз, согласно которому, хотя иммуногенность вакцины среди детей от 6 месяцев до 2 лет находится на достаточном уровне, в группе 2-4 года целевые показатели достигнуты не были.
Компания планирует ввести им третью дозу с промежутком всего 2 месяца, несмотря на то, что принятый в США интервал составляет 5 месяцев. Дозировка вакцины для детей до 5 лет минимальна - 3 мкг, что указывает на осознание разработчиками серьезной угрозы побочек. Повышение дозы было бы логичным шагом при недостаточной иммуногенности, вместо этого Pfizer предпочел прибегнуть к 3 дозе. То, что в одной из групп (даже не самой младшей, что можно было бы объяснить иными причинами) не удалось достичь желаемых показателей, несмотря на все усилия, свидетельствует о том, что эффективность вакцины близка к статистической погрешности.
Pfizer рассчитывает подать заявку в FDA для обеих возрастных групп в апреле 2022 г. Как и в первом случае, период наблюдения после 3 дозы не будет превышать 1-2 месяца, что не позволит отследить побочные эффекты, вероятность которых повышается с каждой дозой.
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2022.01.17 16:38 Rfhill14 8x8 fun

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2022.01.17 16:38 Geek-Haven888 Michigan: GOP-Backed Audit Finds No Fraud in County Trump Won Anyway

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2022.01.17 16:38 Shiir0sworstenemy Why is Shiiro trying to victimize William

It doesnt even seem well done as a backstory. I don't feel like it explains why William is the way he is.
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2022.01.17 16:38 bobastek Ešte diplomovku treba písať juj

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2022.01.17 16:38 mamaliga-maker EUS870 course shell still not up?

The first lecture is in 20 minutes, is anyone else in the class and still not seeing the course shell on D2L?
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2022.01.17 16:38 Neither_Ad_5333 spiderman nwh fan art çizimim nasil?

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2022.01.17 16:38 ladyredbush69 Dexter: New Blood, Episode 8 - Dexter is clearly shot in the leg and then never seeks medical attention, nor does he have a limp or any impairment after he rescues Harrison from Kurt’s cabin.

It’s as if the gun shot completely disappears, when it had been bleeding a ton and causing him to limp when running away in the woods. Found this to be mildly irritating since a gun shot is hard to explain away to your chief of police gf and the small town hospital staff he should have needed to visit.
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2022.01.17 16:38 MoonlightEbbTide I've decided to have a Starfall themed wedding

I want some ideas! Some inspiration! Its next April! I want subtle things, but noticeable! Black white and shiny themed! I AM SO EXCITED HELP.
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2022.01.17 16:38 snkrcult Just help yourself to your cat sister’s food..

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