Mexico: Violence Against Civilians (Past 2 Years)

2021.11.28 20:48 Eztli_Ocelotl Mexico: Violence Against Civilians (Past 2 Years)

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2021.11.28 20:48 SyTrer1 Need help with the answer!!
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2021.11.28 20:48 CmrnWasTaken2 Is this the most cursed manhunt you've ever seen? For me it was...

Video -
Cursed moments occur through extremely laggy servers and jumpscares... lmao
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2021.11.28 20:48 EatTacosDaily Paul wouldn’t delete this sub…

If he had a pool as a kid. He has a bad back guys. Leave him alone!
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2021.11.28 20:48 GraniteOverworld Advice for putting together a dedicated server for two players needed

As the title says, I'd like to be able to run a dedicated server so a buddy and I can play Valheim separately as well as together, and I'm very new to this. I don't know if I can simply host the server on my PC without sacrificing performance, and it feels like overkill to build a completely new rig just to run a two person server, but I'm open to the idea if it doesn't cost too much. My specs are as follows
CPU: Ryzen 5600x GPU: Asus RTX 3070 RAM: Two 16 Gb 3600 CL sticks of RAM (32) And a fully SSD storage system
Any and all advice would be welcome. I have rudimentary knowledge of PC building, but not enough to know where to start with this.
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2021.11.28 20:48 CastIronTikeMyson Type R’s out here rolling deep.

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2021.11.28 20:48 antisynesthete The Cabbage Bodysnatcher Devours a Human Head

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2021.11.28 20:48 Connect-Honey3586 [repost] [Academic] For YOU Page? (U.S. All Ages)

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2021.11.28 20:48 Professional-Age8626 What was your favorite Christmas event and why?

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2021.11.28 20:48 ashleighufo I’ve been making these little healing boxes… what do you think?

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2021.11.28 20:48 Alex__007 New player vs a veteran: tips vs Sisters of Battle?

New player here, only a few games under my belt. I have an showcase match vs a veteran player who is also our GW store manager. We a playing an Incursion mission from the Core book, the mission number to be decided before the game.
The lists are now fixed - no changes allowed. I haven't played vs Sisters of Battle before, so I don't know what to expect. I had a quick look at their units on Wahapedia, but it all looks quite complicated and convoluted.
Given the lists below:
a) What should I look out for and worry about most?
b) How hard are Sisters to kill, and how quickly can they do damage, given their stratagems and other shenanigans?
c) How should I play primary objectives? Trying to hide for a couple of turns and only moving out with buffed Wraithblades, or striking quickly with everything?
d) Should I go for "Attrition" or "While We Stand, We Fight"? To me both look equally appealing.
e) Would it be a good idea to go for a Psychic Ritual / Metal Interrogation on my Spiritseer, or are psychic actions too risky vs Sisters?
f) Is "Linebreaker" easy to pull off vs them on maps with long edge deployment, or should I stick with "Engage on All Fronts" regardless of the map?
g) How would you play my list vs theirs in general?

Thanks a lot in advance!

My opponent's list:
Order of the Astral Templars Adepta Sororitas - Incursion - Grand Tournament ( 4CP - 997PT) Adepta Sororitas Patrol Detachment ( 2CP - 997PT ) SUB-FACTION: Order of the Argent Shroud HQ Canoness (85) Blessed blade, Bolt pistol, Rapturous Blows, Mantle of Ophelia Palatine (45)
TROOPS Battle Sisters Squad (70) 3x Battle Sister 1x Battle Sister: Ministorum flamer 1x Sister Superior: Chainsword, Condemnor boltgun Battle Sisters Squad (65) 3x Battle Sister 1x Battle Sister: Heavy bolter 1x Sister Superior: Chainsword, Litanies of Faith
ELITES Hospitaller: Book of Saint Lucius (50) Imagifier (50)
FAST ATTACK Dominion Squad (80) 4x Dominion : Artificer-crafted storm bolter 1x Dominion Superior: Chainsword Zephyrim Squad (90) 4x Zephyrim 1x Zephyrim Superior: Zephyrim pennant
HEAVY SUPPORT Exorcist (185) Hunter-killer missile Retributor Squad (142) 1x Retributor Superior: Chainsword 2x Retributor: Ministorum heavy flamer 2x Retributor: Multi-melta 1x Retributor: Simulacrum Imperialis 2x Armorium Cherubs
DEDICATED TRANSPORT Immolator (135) Hunter-killer missile
Total Command Points: 4/6 Total Points: 997/1000

My list:
++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [48 PL, 6CP, 1,000pts] ++
Craftworld Attribute . *Custom Craftworld*: Expert Crafters, Hunters of Ancient Relics
+ HQ +
Farseer Skyrunner [7 PL, 140pts]: 0. Smite, 3. Fortune, 4. Executioner, 6: Seer of the Shifting Vector, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Warlord
Spiritseer [3 PL, 60pts]: 4. Crushing Orb, 5. Quicken/Restrain, Shuriken Pistol . The Phoenix Gem
+ Troops +
Dire Avengers [2 PL, 55pts] . 4x Dire Avenger: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult, 4x Plasma Grenades . Dire Avenger Exarch: Two Avenger Shuriken Catapults . . Exarch Power: Battle Fortune
+ Elites +
Wraithblades [10 PL, 185pts]: Ghostaxe and Forceshield, 5x Wraithblade
+ Fast Attack +
Shining Spears [5 PL, 110pts] . 2x Shining Spear: 2x Laser Lance, 2x Twin Shuriken Catapult . Shining Spear Exarch: Star Lance . . Exarch Power: Skilled Rider
Shining Spears [5 PL, 110pts] . 2x Shining Spear: 2x Laser Lance, 2x Twin Shuriken Catapult . Shining Spear Exarch: Star Lance . . Exarch Power: Skilled Rider
+ Heavy Support +
Wraithseer [8 PL, 170pts]: 0. Smite, 1. Conceal/Reveal, D-cannon
Wraithseer [8 PL, 170pts]: 0. Smite, 4. Protect/Jinx, D-cannon
++ Total: [48 PL, 6CP, 1,000pts] ++
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2021.11.28 20:48 hipposyrup The delusion

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2021.11.28 20:48 McGrillo To response is literally suggesting that OP’s SIL doesn’t actually need a service dog because she’s not visibly disabled

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2021.11.28 20:48 zi3mlich in app purchase support

in the future is there a possibility of being able to do subscriptions from inside the app? i do understand some companies take a cut before but even at an increased rate it would be great! it’s not the biggest priority but it takes away having to manage all proton subscriptions from the website.
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2021.11.28 20:48 MrMyster1ous Finally got it in warzone pls press f for respect I nearly had a heart attack because of this event thank God it's over.

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2021.11.28 20:48 divide100 Parents taking their comp kids to the grocery store like

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2021.11.28 20:48 itsvson Join Aluraye Zoe 💛 Free Nudes Discord Server!! Updated Daily :))

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2021.11.28 20:48 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptoMars] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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2021.11.28 20:48 SakuraDemonAlchemist Who do you call?

For context, I will no longer be working at this location, but I feel it needs to be addressed since I'll be working at a new store tomorrow.
We have two registers at the DG I used to work at. One of which has been down WELL before Thanksgiving and I know for a fact the District Manager is already well aware of the fact it's been down for over a month now. The issue is that the primary register (register one) can no longer scan ANY items and we've had to HAND TYPE every code into the register to input it into the system. It can still take cards and cash, but it's restricted the cashier to only accepting less than fifteen items because it takes forever to read the code below the barcode and certain items (such as candy or certain types of soda) have too few numbers for the system to accept.
From what I was told by the head manager, the register has some part in it that is broken and needs to be replaced, but the District Manager is holding out over some sort of bonus. Considering it took weeks for them to replace the card readers twice and it's been over a month, I'm wondering who I need to call to get the issue fixed, since ERC isn't likely to be of much help as they expect us to do all the work.
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2021.11.28 20:48 Intense_Anal_Lawyer Ripping a massive fart is more satisfying than doing a perfect parallel park in one try.

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2021.11.28 20:48 bsuee17 27 year old female looking for a strictly texting sexual relationship.

Shoot me a message
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2021.11.28 20:48 the_eternal87 uno de mis ultimos post

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2021.11.28 20:48 Communist000 Srećan 29. novembar DAN REPUBLIKE

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2021.11.28 20:48 Valdarthebold Comparing WOT to GOT.

I'm pretty sick of seeing articles comparing the two and every time they say it's not gana be as good as Game of Thrones. This story is nothing like GOT. I for one didn't even like GOT. Sure The Wheel of Time series has differences and many I don't like... but comparing it to Game of Thrones or even Lord of the Rings is dumb. They are making the show seem less appealing by default.
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2021.11.28 20:48 Kutaysama ⏰ $HighLife Token is launching in 2 hours! ⏰ 🏆Rewards just by holding🏆 🎖DEVs will be doxxed on our website🎖- this is the new title

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