Ok, maybe it’s worth trying…

2021.09.25 00:01 7point7 Ok, maybe it’s worth trying…

So the other day there was a post about what someone learned dropping down to a single digit handicap and one of the things was “heads up putting”.
I never thought about doing it before but it makes so much sense as with most any other feel-based sport you look at the target, not the object.
Well, I just got back from my first 9 trying the technique with zero practice and I’m sold. Not once did I come close to 3-putting despite some long lags and I drained a 25-foot quick downhill putt for birdie on one of my nemesis holes. Putts inside 6 feet felt so much easier.
I’ll keep trying and actually practice it moving forward and would say for others who struggle on the green… give it a shot!
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2021.09.25 00:01 Titanik14 Sleep Token - Hypnosis

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2021.09.25 00:01 Tenacious_Jey CJ Perry, Liv Morgan and Aliyah

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2021.09.25 00:01 HipHopDude08 Looking to trade.

I'm looking for any modded weapons on either Borderlands TPS or 2. I have modded weapons to share in Bordelands 3. I'm on PS.
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2021.09.25 00:01 Initial_Break_6745 (Ps4) (ds3) (help)

Some one want to help me coop nameless king area and anor londo ? Ng+ pw anri
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2021.09.25 00:01 Ramesses2nd_ [PC] H: List of Grolls, Appareal, Plans. W: Wishlist

VE90 Gatling Plasma
TSLS15 M79 Grenade launcher
AA2515 Combat Shotgun
Brahmin Mask
My List:
QE90 Harpoon Gun
Q2525 Railway
Q2515 Tesla
AA2525 Handmade
Q50cP Guass Rifle
AAaim15 Laser Rifle
AASSE Grognak
AABash50 Minigun
unrolled Enclave Flamer Plasma (fully modded)
Ari50c15 Handmade
AriE25 Handmade

Black Hazmat
Blue Risge caravan set
Emmett Hazmat
Longshoreman outfit
Clean spacesuit set
Clean Straight jacket

Plan: nuka cola Clock
Plan: Junkyard Fountain
Plan: rad barrel
Plan: Blood Eagle Auto Grenade paint
Plan: Grocery Cart Grill
Recipe: tato salad (3)

Tons of flux just ask
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2021.09.25 00:01 Addablestone13 Parents took my 21 CX5 on their road trip, step mom leaves me her 17 CX3

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2021.09.25 00:01 azrael989 Question about mythic levels

Hey guys!
I wondered at which point in the story you get your mythic levl ups and if you can miss one. So did I get all so far when I got level 4 at the very start of Act 4?
Thx in advance!
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2021.09.25 00:01 darkhanyou Play play play......sleep.....

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2021.09.25 00:01 Ok-Celebration-4082 It's not time just yet

Hey, first post ever on reddit (go easy on me)
I've been feeling worse than usual lately and if anything I just need to feel wanted.
You see, I'm a 28yr old male, I live in the UK and have rented by myself and lived alone for the last two years. I lost my dad at 24 to cancer (runs in the family so that's something to look forward to...) and the last 4 years have been turmoil and as much as I want to put it down to grief I can no longer do so.
I have a loving family but they have children, wives, husbands, kids, a life... Every relationship has ended in failure, I hate my career, I have no money, no savings, maybe 2 friends and I'm wondering if this is all worth it.
You want to know the only reason I'm still here?... My mother.
I am so scared and ashamed to admit to anyone that I feel im done. My best friend of 16 years got with a girl I was seeing and how having a child. On the surface I am happy for them, of course I am but I am hurting. My recent ex was the most manipulative girl I've ever been with, she told me I didnt compare to her exs, she told me I would never amount to anything, I never believed her. I'm starting to.
I spend my days working a corporate bullshit job, underplayed and overworked to come home to no one, nothingness.
Guys, I am done.
Please help. A word of advice, tell me I'm being a prick or agree wholeheartedly and just be there for me, I wanna hear others problems, I want out of.my head, I want out of this.
Thank you and I look forward to any replies
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2021.09.25 00:01 user_for_69_minutes- Everyone's taking about the Mario movie cast but who's going to play these two?

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2021.09.25 00:01 freebiehivecom Iphone 13 product red PNG

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2021.09.25 00:01 lookylouiseeyou Xpost from trees…checking with this group

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2021.09.25 00:01 kidyagi H: Pepper Shakers W: Rare Plans

I have the plans to make pepper shakers, if you are in need of one. I will make you one for two rare plans. My psn is Soveskog.
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2021.09.25 00:01 takiumilikes2drift Why Apple???

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2021.09.25 00:01 paxcow82 Beetlejuice Supremacy | Halloween Horror Nights | TikTok #shorts

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2021.09.25 00:01 Snubie1 [ANNOUNCEMENT] Snubie Elite Can AVAILABLE NOW!

The new Snubie Elite accessory can is available at SnusCENTRAL.com! A full 10mm bigger, with three compartments - you can load it up with your favorites! Go grab yours, now!
LINK: https://www.snuscentral.com/home/1832-The-Snubie-Can-Elite-Ash-Black.html
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2021.09.25 00:01 17934658793495046509 Reno Police facing Mike Tyson after he‘d just bitten Evander Holyfields ear off 1996

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2021.09.25 00:01 gottensex !💰BUSDPENCER💰! 7% Auto BUSD Rewads🚀! Just Launched! !🔒!Liquidity Locked 🔒!Transparent Team!🔥! Big potencial! 💱! Poocoin ADS ✅

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🐳 Antiwhale
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🎰 The team is working on a marketing plan that will allow the rapid development of the BusdPencer community around the world. will be used:
crypto influencer 💯
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and so on! 🚀
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2021.09.25 00:01 m_chutch I’ve been slowly transitioning towards a plant based diet. I enjoy it so much and how it makes my mind/body feel!

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2021.09.25 00:01 Readyreadyreddit Jasmine is engaged!

Jasmine is engaged! Jasmine met Peedee, a local townee at work (I think its so cute they both work in the criminal career branch).
After the two moved into their first home together, Peedee threw a party and decided to pop the question, while their closest friends were there!
As soon as they got outside it started to rain, but of course Jasmine was still thrilled to be engaged to her bestfriend.
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2021.09.25 00:01 GypsyRoadHGHWy What Would Happen If Bigfoot Was Captured?

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2021.09.25 00:01 Angle-Live Hii all I’m looking for post-op patch😅 for trade I can do nmts, bells, wish list! Please feel free to ask!

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2021.09.25 00:01 Willy-the-kid Wouldn't it be crazy if amd or intel turned around and started making RISK-V based processors to compete with arm?

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2021.09.25 00:01 Br0wn_Babe Stick your tongue out 👅💋

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